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February 22, 2006

This site is no longer the home of Josh and South Park Pundit.

The new blog is located at

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Long Days

February 18, 2006

It has been a loooong couple of days. Some family issues and some other, more intense conflicts have kept me from writing anything much. The couple times I did try to write something, Blogger didn’t let me post it up. Once was their fault, once was mine. Or rather, it was the fault of a third party who created a situation that I’d rather have avoided. Steal my wireless internet will you, you bastard…

I tried to get out and go shooting today, but Mother Nature seemed to think it was a bad idea. All week, it’s sunny and warm. This morning, its rainy and cold. Forecast for tomorrow – sunny and warm. WTF?

So instead of going shooting with a bunch of friends, I went by myself to my indoor range. I put about 80 rounds downrange with the new California EBR, which I had decided to christen KDD, or Katie, for “Kalifornia Death Dealer.” Not PC enough? I’m thinking of having it etched and painted on the blank side of the lower. Well, that or maybe a Punisher skull.

One of the posts that got lost into the Google ether had a bunch of links and whatnot to recommended reading for the weekend. I know I’ve been slacking, I’ve seen the traffic fall off, but I just can’t make myself write something good or inspired or interesting. Maybe in the next day or two.

I never
thought I’d have nothing good to post for three days. *drinks* Watch the video.

And Now…

February 15, 2006

For Something Completely Different

Someone’s got a healthy sense of humor.

Brick, where’d you get the hand grenade?
I…I don’t know.

Larger Scale Gun-Control

February 15, 2006

Not only do they like the populace to be disarmed, now they want to abolish the military and send cops to defend our shores from foreign invasion. It seems even our soldiers and Marines can’t be trusted with weapons in the liberal Utopia otherwise known as San Francisco…

I received a transcript from Hannity & Colmes, which I have never watched but I know the general jist of the show, from a campus mailing list I am on. The message that went with the link said “Read the whole thing. This man should be President in 2012.”


Money Shot:

SANDOVAL: I don’t think we should have a military. Absolutely.

COLMES: We shouldn’t have a military? Wait a minute. Hold on. The United States should not have a military?

SANDOVAL: What good has it done for us in the last five years? That’s right. What good has it done us…

HANNITY: Good grief.

SANDOVAL: … in the last five years.

COLMES: Gerardo, wait a second.

SANDOVAL: We think about the billions that we’re spending in Iraq right now, if we spend it on schools. We should not…

COLMES: The United States should not have a military?

SANDOVAL: That’s correct.

COLMES: Are you kidding me?

That’s right ladies and gents. Gererdo Sandoval, (D) San Francisco, for President of the US in 2012. Thats what the leftist faculty are clamoring for.

Are you kidding me?

La Resistance in CA

February 15, 2006

Well, it seems that the rallying cry of “Vive la resistance!” has succeeded in having the fatwhy removed from my blog. Thanks, gang!

Now I’ll be directing La Resistance in a different, more important direction.

Via Marc and Uncle, I get disturbing news of the jack-booted thugs in Sacramento, trampling all over the citizens of the state and the rights this country was built on.

I’d been observing this thread at Calguns about the DOJ and their continued lack of respect for CA laws. Yes, the FFL had lower receivers stored outside their safe, which is a big no-no since the lower is the controlled component. However, now the DOJ is claiming that the receivers are “contraband” and refusing to return them.

Due to a lack of credible information, I can’t really expand on those two basic premises of what has happened up until now.

I do know that DOJ JBT’s have put the fear of God into FFLs here in sunny SoCal. A friend of mine, who wanted to purchase a rifle like mine, went to a shop to shoot the shit with one of the guys he trusts, and ended up being completely put off the whole thing. Words like “felony” and “confiscation” and “federal PMITA prison” can do that to your typical gun owner – that is to say, a law abiding citizen. Even though the information from the sales guy is incorrect, its still uncomfortable. There were also rumors, unsubstantiated, that all detachable mag semi-auto centerfire rifles are going to be banned. Mini-14’s, M1A’s, Kel-tec’s and more. That’s the rumor.

La Resistance is going to be watching this closely. I have a huge dog in this fight, and I don’t take too kindly to law enforcement breaking laws to keep their boot on the neck of the populace. The law-abiding populace. Those of us who are keeping our nose clean and following the law to the letter are too often the victims of sweeping reforms designed to curb behaviors we don’t exhibit.

Last Valentine Thought

February 14, 2006

I love you guys…

This is just for you…

I promise it’s fun and work safe.

Under Attack!

February 14, 2006

I have had a fatwa – no, excuse me – a fatwhy declared against me and my blog.


I urge each and every one of you to click through, visit al-Lay Lines, and leave the following message in the comments to one or many of Marc’s posts.

We’re “La Resistance.”

Let him know that this unilateral action will be met with an equal and opposite reaction!

Now Marc is appealing to his readers – “But, but…he started it!” But he actually started it here. It’s all fun and games, and then he completely rejects the concept of “why?” Well I for one will not stand idly by while he singles out one of the Five W’s for arbitrary discrimination! Will you stand with me?!?! If we don’t protect the “why’s” of this world, pretty soon he’ll go after the “what’s” and “where’s” – it’ll be grammatical genocide. I can’t let that happen.

Singles Awareness Day

February 14, 2006

Here I sit, broken hearted,
Came to blog but barely started,
Out there came a rant and rave
To commemorate this crappy day.

Today marks the one year anniversary of this day last year. Surprise! I know it isn’t just me that thinks this holiday is being far too commercialized and exploited. Why the fuck is it even a “holiday” – its more like just another “buy me something-iday”. I mean, every other pop up ad I’ve gotten today is for something Valentine’s Day related. I almost sent flowers to my ex-girlfriends just because the ads were so persistent. It’s getting to be ridiculous.

In my opinion, florists and jewelers are marginalizing the other businesses in the mall and overlooking a tiny little niche market this time of year – single people. By constant subjection to the same “Diamonds are forever…” and “…a heart shaped locket…” and “…but flowers mean he loves you…” stuff on the TV, radio, net and billboards, it drives singles into shopping hibernation. I wouldn’t particularly want to go to the mall to pick up a CD or something, only to have to walk past 3 jewelry stores and dozens of happy couples. It’s just mean. But, if they changed the outlook of the whole thing, it might cater to a bigger audience…. I’d send one of my girl friends a dozen roses if they came with a dozen longnecks, but otherwise…nah.

The thing about trying to be nice on Valentine’s Day is the uncertainty of it all.

I just read somewhere that 50% of dating couples split up on V-Day (thats Valentines, not the Vagina Monologues, though I can’t tell the difference). One Half. 50/100. That, my friends, makes me glad to be single today. To make a reservation in August, buy the flowers, dry clean the suit, detail the car, buy tickets to a play and carefully choreograph the whole thing takes a lot of work and emotional effort, only to have your girlfriend decide she hates men today because “…Sally at works boyfriend totally forgot to make reservations and……” WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF SALLY’S INCOMPETENT BOOB! It takes too much out of you to put yourself up to such close scrutiny in an uncertain world.

Which, finally brings me to the culmination of my musing. V-Day is no longer a day about expressing your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, significant other, mistress, etc. It has become a day to obsess over material goods and services and equate them to love. If you’re anything like me, and you make your emotions and feelings known regularly, than today shouldn’t be anything but another day. It’s not. I have to prove something, according to the latest Zale’s ad. Whatever…maybe it’s hypocritical of me to say this now, after buying diamond earrings last V-Day. “Yeah, honey, those look great on you!” OF COURSE they do! They looked great in the fucking case too! Should leave them there, where they can roam free and frolick with the other diamonds.

So “happy” Singles Awareness Day. S.A.D. S-A-D — think about that acronym. I can’t even go to a decent bar tonight to have drinks with some of my friends because they’ll be packed full of happy, smiling couples and couples that are on the verge of killing each other after tonight. I’m going to have to eat somewhere with a lighted menu and a drive thru because all of the decent places will be full of love and loathing. Enjoy yourselves – tomorrow, I take back the restaurants, with force if necessary.

Politically Incorrect

February 13, 2006

I decided that I was politically incorrect enough to warrant an application to the anti-PC League.

Er, that is to say, I am so politically incorrect as to warrant pointing it out to the world. You bastards…

Thought(s) Of The Day

February 13, 2006

“Assault weapons” have only one purpose, and that is to kill lots of people. Therefore, civilians don’t need/can’t have assault weapons. Police need assault weapons. Because police need to kill lots of people. Is that right?


Anyway, I have been told that there is violence galore in movies. I beg to differ.